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Gym Etiquette

  • Please ensure that your gym clothing is clean & that you are deodorised whilst exercising. Training tops must be worn at all times.
  • In order to maintain a hygienic environment, please use the paper towels and spray provided to wipe the equipment and mats after use.
  • In accordance with your induction, please apply good training techniques and practices when using the equipment.
  • You are responsible for your own physical condition, you must contact an instructor if at any time you feel faint or suffer unusual symptoms which give reason for you to believe that you are not well. You must also tell the team should you have an accident or develop a medical condition likely to affect your training programme. Please help us to help you.
  • Please lower weights back down gently with control, as inappropriate use will cause damage to the equipment and possible injury to yourself or others.
  • Please replace any dumbbells and equipment immediately after use for health and safety reasons. Equipment must be handled with care; any abuse will result in loss of membership.
  • Please report any equipment defects immediately to a member of staff. Do not attempt to rectify any issues yourself under any circumstances.
  • With the exception of bottled water, no food or drinks are permitted on the gym floor & studios.
  • Please wear appropriate footwear (trainers) and clothing (no jeans) at all times in the Club.
  • All loose jewellery should be removed before exercising.
  • Members and guests may not display actions that The Regent's Place Health Club staff deem unsportsmanlike or rude, or misuse, move or alter any portion of the fitness club environment or property.
  • Please refrain from the use of mobile phones on the gym floor and studios.
  • Please use the available lockers and refrain from taking personal contents, bags and coats onto the gym floor and studios.
  • Gym facilities will begin to close down 15 minutes before our official close time.
  • All guests and trials must provide photo id.
  • Members must present their Membership Card upon entry to the Club. If the member fails to do so for 3 consecutive visits, the member will be asked to pay £5 for a new Membership Card.
  • Management reserve the right to change, add to and delete rules as they see fit.

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